discovery and design

Deliverables include user flow charts, lo-fi mock ups, clickable wireframes and prototype design, database schemas and relationship models, server requirements and architecture

Fill out the Creative Brief

Answering our curated questions defines your target users while informing us of the goals of your visual project.

White boarding sessions

Digital tools are nice, but there's still no substitute to a good white boarding session to get the ideas flowing.

Clickable Wireframe Design

A UX/UI Designer will be assigned to each digital project to develop a fully clickable wireframe design using the best tools in the industry.


The difference between something good and something great is in the detail. Our UI/UX and branding designers are continuously pushing the pixel limits to improve the user experience and reflect the latest trends.

Deliverables include layouts and hi-fi design sources.

agile development

When working on complex software applications our project approach is agile.

The whole team (project manager, designers, engineers and testers) works together towards a common goal or feature release.

Weekly sprint planning and daily standing meetings ensure that everyone is on the same page so that the project progresses towards the right direction.

For each project, an experienced QA engineer will work with the client and development team to make sure that the software is as stable, secure and efficient as possible.

maintain and improve

Alpha / Beta / Gold

Complex applications are not built and launched over night. In addition, once the app is ready for users, a release plan is carefully crafted for all the stages in the release cycle.

Release Early, Release Often

Because we work in SCRUM, we believe in releasing new features after every sprint.


Once live, we can continue to help you improve the app or website, when needed, through a rolling retainer.

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