BRANDING / PROTOTYPING / UI / UX / Development / Mobile

Our Mission

To create a digital product to match a physical product known as ExactPack. ExactPack allows patients to manage their medications, get reminders, and enjoy access to a plethora of useful information that they can share with family members and caregivers.

01/ Branding

This was one of those dream projects where, as an agency, we were able to be involved from the earliest stage, when the MyECP portal was just an idea.

Through our process, we helped ExactCare Pharmacy define their idea, design the best possible ui/ux to develop a world class healthcare application.

When we began this project, we wanted to create a distinctive logo for the new digital product, while retaining the main brand's color palette and values.







The Result:

02/ User Experience : Interactive Wireframes

Complex applications require extensive research in the define stage. Through lo-fi wireframes, we have the ability to click through the whole app.

This allows us to identify new and improved ways to help the users's experience and simplify the interface.

A great wireframe has been completed when there's nothing else to take out rather than add.

03/ Product Design


Some of the main features for the patient side of the app include the ability to track med intake, receive notifications when low on refills, view prescription rosters and prescriber contact info, make payments, print daily medications, and interact with caregivers and family members.

Caregivers & Family Members

Sometimes patients are too old, too young, or too sick to manage their medications. Therefore, we created a dashboard for caregivers and family members that allows them to monitor and receive alerts & notifications for their patients and loved ones.

04/ Mobile Apps

iOS & Android & API

People are more connected to their mobile devices more than ever before.

MYECP is the perfect medication management assistance tool. The MyECP mobile apps use push notifications to alert patients of when it's time to take their meds.

In order to connect device use and allow ExactCare Pharmacy's partners to integrate MyECP into their application, Cubic Agency has created a state of the art REST webservice (API.)

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